Black Kids in Outer Space. Yolanda Davis-Overstreet. Episode 46.

Yolanda has diligently made it her life’s mission to play a role in outreaching and educating others, working with small businesses to fortune 500 companies – in the areas of cultural inclusion and education for over twenty years. In 2011, she took her skill sets of communication design and marketing and stepped out on the limb to become a bicycling advocate in her community under the developed name Ride in Living Color. Her goal was to tell the stories of African Americans bicyclists along with presenting the health and social benefits this type of recreational and active transportation offers communities like hers. In the act of advocating for increased bicycling in her community and throughout the country, Yolanda took another advocacy leap in
2015 and enrolled in the Urban Sustainability Master’s Program at Antioch University, Los Angeles. She graduated in June of 2018, with the mission of furthering her mobility and environmental justice work in low income and communities of color. Yolanda has utilized your skills and experiences to address the transportation equity issues in unconventional and regenerative ways, as she too works to always build upon healing approaches of investigating, designing, and implementing creative mobility justice solutions.

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