White supremacists take the Metro every morning in DC

Reports yesterday from WUSA9’s Mike Valerio was that the DC Vienna Metro exit was blocked to the public for white supremacist protestors.

This Monday they will say that anti-racists outnumbered the white supremacists, but the fact is DC is the chocolate city and it’s become the caramel city owing to the white supremacists involved in creating its urban planning, transportation, political, and economic policies.

The Black people in DC can’t even access the Metro during business hours, but Metro closes an entrance for white supremacists?

Almost twice as many white people in DC take the Metro to work than Black people, in fact white people are so close to their jobs they can walk to work, more white people have the privilege to walk to work, 19,000, than Black people have access to the Metro, 16,000.

The racism that has long been experienced by the Black community in DC is racism under soft power. In S&M this is called soothing before the beaten. It is how you soften someone up, so they are less likely to complain or cry when you give a really good punch.

You make a little bit of pain normal, so then when you unleash your real self, there is less squirming.

Sadistic racism is normalized in DC, institutional and personal.

The term soft power in politics, but they say it means persuasion or co-opting, like you co-opt Black politicians to smile in photos and not do anything when the people who voted them into office are moved out of their homes through economic violence and then you persuade Black people to live far away from the train on the other side of the river by not giving them a loan to buy a house by the train, yeah I guess that is persuasion.

According to DC Economic Strategy the median income of Black people in DC is $44,000 the median income of white people in DC is $154,000.

The Black DC community bears the brunt of automated and human policing.

Much of the Black community is segregated to the east side of the Anacostia River. These communities are the last to get the benefits of urban planning and dollars spent on infrastructure. The Black community is the first to be mocked as the old DC. The Washingtonian a trendy magazine even had a campaign to show that DC is whiter now (so better)  with white people smiling under a #ImNotATourist hashtag and wearing I’m not a tourist T-shirts.

Not one Black person in the photo shoot.

There is no attempt to hide the contempt of the Black community in DC.

I’ve been to DC three times and if I don’t make an effort, I will never see a Black person. The first time I did not see any Black people.  I went to a coffee shop that played jazz music, with Black people on the walls, and I was the only real Black thing there.

The white supremacists didn’t just come to DC this weekend, protected by the DC police with a private train and entrance from Metro, they’ve been there.

They go to work every morning on the Metro.

White supremacists have silently shown themselves for years in DC.

They have shown themselves in the policies they have created, supported, and implemented, policies that have robbed DC’s Black residents’ of their voices, economic opportunities, and now their homes.

by Lark Lo

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