Notes from New Jersey

At the NJTPA meeting today. Matthew Holt of Hunterdon said “Don’t forget about the rest of New Jersey.” It was such a “white lives matters” moment.
The Mayor of Newark Ras Baraka going above and beyond his job description asking NJPTA a really important question that I’m surprised that Essex County has not asked earlier.
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“When will you fix Penn Newark?”
(Penn Newark is a huge train station that everyone uses to get in and out of New Jersey, if you’re in LA think the 405 Freeway or if we pretended as if people used PT in LA, think Union Station.)
Penn Newark is a disgrace and that private public partnership with Prudential…wow, so Prudential is connected to Newark Penn Station, but they have a bridge, a hideous bridge, so that no one who works at Prudential has to touch or come in contact with the Black people in Newark.
They built an enclosed bridge, above the street. Imagine if downtown LA built a skybridge to connect downtown LA to Silver Lake (Hollywood). It’s that ridiculous and that racist and just as hideous as it sounds.
Why is New Jersey’s racism so ugly and incompetent?
So Mayor Ras J. Baraka asks this question and Holt from the most wealthy county in New Jersey gives this little, “All of New Jersey is important…” speech, implying that Newark gets so much.
Newark doesn’t get anything. I have never seen such a visual demonstration of redlining and economic racism in my life, maybe Mississippi. I’m sure North Jersey has to be a case study in neoliberal racism at some college, since it’s Democrat.
This NJPTA meeting was supposed to be a boring meeting.
This was supposed to be a boring ridiculous meeting that I was just going through the motions for, but because I’m in Jersey that thing, that race thing, always has to come up.
Hunterdon is the most wealthy per capita location in New Jersey.
How would Hunterdon not benefit from Penn not being awful?
The Raritan Valley line in Hunterdon County ends in Newark.
In order to travel to New York City you have to transfer to Newark. They work in New York. You don’t live in Hunterdon if you don’t work in New York. An upgraded Penn Station would benefit them and they wouldn’t have to drive anymore, because we know they are driving.
To not support a remodel of Penn and multimodality transportation in Newark 100% –is short sighted.
How is focussing on anything in Newark hurting anyone in North Jersey?
The racism in New Jersey is so freakin ridiculous. I mean it’s like pretending to be poor and white and voting for Trump, but why, I mean why would you want to not give Newark anything, how would that hurt anything? I’m trying to get into the mind of a racist, who likes money, I mean if you like money how would you not want Newark to get more. I mean is racism more important than money? Money, money is good right?
I would show you this exchange, but oddly every time I start covering something, the video/minutes/etc magically disappears…..

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