I hear you. I will help you tell your story.

I talked to a Black woman in DC.

She was from a member of a Black Woman bike club based in DC. She told me a story about how DC used to be the Chocolate City (Black) until they (developers) pushed them out.

“This is not DC?” She told me and pointed to the room. 28953714_10213466102821623_5468762502407522208_o.jpg

“I am from DC. I was raised here. My family was from here?”
“Why did they leave?” I asked.
“We didn’t leave,” she responded, “We were pushed out.”

In 1980 DC was 80% Black.

She explained how she was had a Master’s in Computer Engineering and when the company she worked for excluded Howard a historical Black university and excluded the Black community in job recruiting, she spoke up.

“I spoke up and they fired me. They fired me in 2004 and I haven’t worked since.”

On the East Coast not dancing has serious consequences.

Then she told me the story of her brother, “They killed him, he was 74 years old and they killed him.”

Her brother was in the hospital and when he attempted to leave. They felt him leaving would be a danger, so they killed him.

I asked her to explain what she meant and she said, “They broke his neck and collarbone while trying to restrain him for his safety. They (private security acting as police) were Black and they killed him,” she continued, “The jury had 11 white people and 1 Black person. They said they had more white people as white people have a more objective view of the police as they have had more positive experience with them. This city is 49% Black, how is 11 white people peers? They killed my brother for walking, he was 74 years old, and they got away with it.”


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