What are Complete Streets?

Complete Streets according to the Smart Growth America are streets for everyone.

They are streets designed for the comfort and safe access of everyone who uses the streets. Complete Streets are streets that people who have disabilities can use, people who are caretakers can use, people of all ages can you, people who are on bicycles can use, people who take public transit can use,  and people who are just walking can use.

Complete Streets are streets designed, so that we can all get to work, the store, the park, and school with comfort and ease.

A Complete Street lets you walk across the street safely and comfortably. A Complete Street allows you to safely and comfortably bicycle on it. A Complete Street doesn’t require seniors with mobility issues to be escorted across it.

Complete Streets are streets that we can all share whether we’re walking, cycling, taking public transit, or in our car.

Complete Streets are NOT just a stop sign, a crosswalk or a sign that says slow down. Complete Streets is a holistic approach to traffic (and people are part of traffic) that uses different solutions depending on what a community needs to make the streets of a town accessible, comfortable and safe for everyone who uses them.

Complete Streets gives us all real choices in how we get around and avoids the social engineering that forces you to be in a crash-cage of steel. Complete Streets allow us to choose to get around our communities in the healthiest and most sustainable ways.

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