Thank you Mayor Venezia for getting the ball rolling on a safe Watsessing and Grove


Watsessing isn’t a county road and crossing over to Grove shouldn’t be a daredevil activity, but it is.

When Mayor Venezia was asked by Nelsha Moorji the following question  in the comment section of the Bloomfield Pulse:

The corner of Bloomfield Ave and Watsessing used to be a really bad intersection. Since the Aldi development we finally got the proper traffic lights for that intersection. [Mayor] Michael Venezia can we get some sort of traffic control on Grove and Watsessing? The new traffic light on Watsessing and Bloomfield is so appreciated but the corner of Grove and Watsessing is still in need of a solution. Thank you.

Venezia responded:


On Tuesday, 10/24 Joseph N. DiVincenzo Jr. Essex County Executive stated on twitter that in order to get a crosswalk, which I would hope with be inclusive of a four way stop sign,  that a traffic study and resolution would have to be passed.


So from Mayor’s Venezia’s response I would gather those steps are already underway, because of the leadership of the current administration of Bloomfield.

Thank you Mayor Venezia for taking the lead on making our streets safe.

VELO Bloomfield will continue to follow this story.


Lark Lo

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