Can I get home?!

This is the intersection of Watsessing and Grove, it is on the edge of Halcyon Park. Inside Halcyon Park is pleasant to walk in, because its narrow streets don’t allow people to drive their cars faster than 15 miles per hour.

Watsessing and Grove are at the end of the NJ Lightrail. Grove (in Bloomfield not to be confused with the county road of Grove in Montclair) is a local street, so has a stop sign. The county road of Watsessing has no stop sign, because it is a county road and it needs to be as fast as possible, safety and common sense be damned. 

Children who live south of Bloomfield Avenue cross this street daily going to Bloomfield’s middle and high schools, they walk through Halcyon Park, because it is safe and Bloomfield Avenue is unpleasant and scary for people not in cars.

People with children walk their two year olds across this street going to the light rail to get into Manhattan for work.

Do we really have to wait for someone to be injured or killed in a crash to discuss fixing this unsafe intersection?
-Editorial staff

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