Cycle Tracks

We are accepting submissions to Cycle Track. Cycle Track is a “tract” that will showcase philosophies, policies, politics and fiction that uses alternative transit (bicycles, walking, trains, busses…) as the “vehicle” in which to convey the story or idea.

Cycle Tracks will be distributed on the trains in New Jersey, NY, L.A., Oakland, Madison, and DC.

There is an 800 word limit.

Remember that guy in the movie “Singles” who thought monorails were going to save the world? Are you that guy? Go for it!

Did you have some esoteric dream about your 10 speed crashing into the Pacific Ocean and then it becoming a BMX, great that is awesome, send it to us.

As long as your submission falls within the guidelines of using alt-transit as the vehicle to tell your story and is entertaining to our editor Lark, then we will publish it.

Send submissions HERE

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