Complete Streets Montclair

On Thursday, March 8 Montclair SAFE and NJDOT held an Open House to discuss Montclair’s Complete Streets implementation plan. The public was invited to make comments about which configurations of Complete Streets they preferred for Montclair.

“I like option four, with the bike lane in this location,” said a former member of the Montclair Pedestrian Safety Committee.

Priority streets for the Montclair include Watchung, Claremont, Grove and Mountain.

In 2009 Montclair adopted a Complete Streets policy. In 2012 Essex County became the first county to adopt a Complete Streets policy owing to a resolution put forth by Fifth District Freeholder Brendan Gill.

Complete Streets is a transportation policy that creates street designs that are accessible and safe for all ages and ability levels. Complete streets make it easy to walk and bicycle around your neighborhood.

I spoke with Laura Torchio of Bike&Walk Montclair about the great changes that have taken place already in Montclair.

“In 2006 the high school bike racks were empty and now the high school has more than 40 bikes on those bike racks. The township of Montclair helped to build healthy habits in these kids that will last a lifetime,” says Torchio.

We’re all looking forward to the implementation of Montclair’s Complete Street plan and are looking forward to seeing it “cycle” through all Essex County communities.

For more information please check out Monclair SAFE Facebook Page.

by Teka-Lark Lo

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